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Personal Injury Compensation

We handle all types of compensation claims for loss caused by road traffic accidents, work and slip/trip accidents, medical matters and accidents to children. Most claims have a time limit so it is important you talk to us as soon as you can and whilst the events are still clear in your mind. If you cannot get to our office, we can visit you in hospital or at home. Evening visits can also be arranged.

If you talk to us, we will tell you if we think you have a valid case, the level of compensation you may be awarded and what you should do next. Do not let the cost of pursing your claim put you off seeing a solicitor. The first meeting is free and an insurance policy or ‘no win/no fee’ arrangement may mean you do not have to pay any money at all.

Matthew Douglas is a solicitor and Olympic 400m hurdles athlete experienced in dealing with all personal injury claims including sports injuries and loss of income arising from them.

  • Road Traffic Accidents (as passenger, driver/rider or pedestrian)
  • Accident at Work/Industrial Disease
  • Slip, Trip, Fall
  • Accident at School
  • Sports/Leisure Injury
  • Criminal Injury
  • Claims for Dependants

Your Questions Answered:

Here at Jennings Solicitors we are aware that for most people the worry about the costs of instructing a solicitor is a prohibitive factor. The reality is that it shouldn’t be. If we think that you have a claim that is worth pursuing we will offer you a “No Win, No Fee” agreement where we will guarantee that you keep 100% of your damages with no upfront or hidden costs to pay. We can also advise you clearly and impartially on whether there are any other options to fund your claim without any costs to you.

A “No Win, No Fee” agreement, which is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, is an agreement between you and us as your solicitor that you will not have to pay our fee unless we are successful in winning your claim. In the event that we are successful in winning your claim the other party will be responsible for your fee and we shall claim back those fees on your behalf. This ensures that we can guarantee that you will receive 100% of your compensation. This is to give you the security and peace of mind when making a personal injury claim that you will not be responsible for any of our costs.

There are strict time limits in bringing a claim for personal injury in England and Wales and that is three years from the date of the accident. There are certain circumstances when this can be extended beyond the three years, including when the accident involved a minor under the age of 18. You should therefore not delay in bringing your claim as this may affect your ability to claim damages. A quick phone call or email to our office will enable us to determine whether you are still within the time limits for bringing the such claim.

There are many factors that affect how much compensation a claimant is awarded. These include:

  • The seriousness of your injuries and the nature, duration and extent to which they have affected your day to day life.
  • The extent of any financial losses and expenses that are attributable to the accident

Our expert Matthew Douglas can usually give you an indication as to how much damages you can expect to receive at an early stage in the claim although more accurate calculations can usually only be given after a medical report has been prepared by an appropriate expert.

If you wish to have any further information on bringing a claim then contact our expert, Matthew, who is a Partner in the firm and who will be happy to discuss matters with you as soon as possible.

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